Contributor License Agreement

In order to contribute to Gerrit a Contributor License Agreement must be completed before contributions are accepted.

Contribution Process

As Gerrit is a code review tool, naturally contributions will be reviewed before they will get submitted to the code base. To start your contribution, please make a git commit and upload it for review to the main Gerrit review server. To help speed up the review of your change, review these guidelines before submitting your change. You can view the pending Gerrit contributions and their statuses here.

Depending on the size of that list it might take a while for your change to get reviewed. Naturally there are fewer approvers than contributors; so anything that you can do to ensure that your contribution will undergo fewer revisions will speed up the contribution process. This includes helping out reviewing other people’s changes to relieve the load from the approvers. Even if you are not familiar with Gerrit’s internals, it would be of great help if you can download, try out, and comment on new features. If it works as advertised, say so, and if you have the privileges to do so, go ahead and give it a +1 Verified. If you would find the feature useful, say so and give it a +1 code review.

And finally, the quicker you respond to the comments of your reviewers, the quicker your change might get merged! Try to reply to every comment after submitting your new patch, particularly if you decided against making the suggested change. Reviewers don’t want to seem like nags and pester you if you haven’t replied or made a fix, so it helps them know if you missed it or decided against it.